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We Offer Motor Insurance Policies

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Car/Bike insurance, also known as auto or motor insurance, is an insurance policy which protects the car from any kind of unforeseen damage. It covers the person financially in case of any loss is incurred as a result of an unavoidable instance to the vehicle. It covers the person against theft, financial loss and accidents. The cover can range from, coverage to an insured party vehicle and third-party liability which means that it covers – ​damage to insured vehicle or theft of the car also coverage of legal liability ​(liability to others for body or property injury by insured vehicle​).



We Have The Right Plans For Protection Of Your Vehicle From All Kinds Of Risk

Two Wheeler Insurance

=> Buy Insurance for a Brand New Two Wheeler.
=> Renew Existing policy from other Insurers.
=> Renew Lapsed Two Wheeler Insurance Policy.
=> Renewal of Insurance Policy.

Four Wheeler Insurance

=> Temporary registration of vehicles.
=> Permanent registration of vehicles.
=> Transfer of ownership.
=> Termination of hypothecation/ hire-purchase/ lease agreement.
=> Change of address.
=> Issue of No Objection Certificate.